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About Us

Over the past few years great strides have been made towards reducing the stigma of mental health in the Black community. While there is still more work to do we are grateful that more are seeking services, but don't always know where to look. To assist with visibility and access we have begun to compile this list of Black Mental Health Providers** to showcase their services, network with each other and inform the community about the vast array of mental health options that are available in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Please share. 

One of the central features of our Black Mental Health Directory is an expanded understanding of mental health that includes spiritual, physical, political, ancestral, nutritional and other aspects of wellness. True healing must be holistic, while considering the historical and societal contexts in which Black families exist. Thus, this directory included a diverse list of interdisciplinary services: psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, spiritual diviners, marriage and family therapists, activists, artists, and with a range of gifts, talents, and certifications. 

The Black Mental Health Directory is just the first step. Ultimately the Black  mental health community is moving towards being more organized and so that we can serve with greater power, strengthen prevention efforts, inform policy, become less dependent on state and corporate sources of funding and increase access to services to the people that really need them.  

For more information or recommendations please email:

**This collaboration assumes no legal responsibility for the governing of the individual or his/her practice. This directory is not to be considered a member directory of the collaborative organizations. The collaborative  does not verify the license, skills or experience of anyone listed. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you use this directory as you would a telephone directory, simply to locate mental health professionals in your community. Once you locate a professional, it is your responsibility to investigate their background to confirm licensing compliance and ensure that there is not a history of complaints or disciplinary problems with their professional licensing board.**

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